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Welcome to Clarionics Inc.

Clarionics Inc. is a Toronto based consulting firm that specializes in the design, development and integration of complex enterprise security and identity management solutions, application and infrastructure security. Clarionics helps our customers to bring together processes and technology to effectively and practically solve business challenges associated with identity management and data protection.

Core Services


  • Identity & Access Management

    Identity & Access Management (IAM) is a set of processes and technologies built to address the most difficult security question "Who has access to what and why?"
  • Application Security

    Effective disposition of application level security issues is not a trivial task. Difficulties in protecting applications and data exposed by them are amplified by a sheer number of opportunities 'security risks' are exposed.
  • Infrastructure Security

    Businesses today are challenged to open their internal networks, systems and processes to customers and partners while maintaining appropriate security and compliance.Infrastructure and network play critical role in overall security posture.
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Latest Featured Projects

Overview of some significant projects recently completed by Clarionics