Pragmatic Approach, Practical Designs, Secure Implementations

This major business initiative by our client needed appropriate integration design and implementation of existing and new enterprise identity and access management services to support seamless, secure access to multiple modules of CRM and ERP systems for both employees and customers using Internet facing portal.

In order to achieve most user friendly and managable outcome internal systems were integrated with Active Directory authentication services which allowed all users to benefit from seamless login without being challenged for User ID and password.

Centralized role provisioning enables also seamless propagation of user roles to all apprlications resulting in very efficient and user friendly access control model.

Rich client applications were also included into this model using platform specific security adapters which were used by business integration teams as only toouch point with required security services.

Necessary security information was transmitted using industry standard SAML 2.0 token which also facilitates reuse of existing libraries and allowed delivery teams to concentrate their efforts on core functionality.