Pragmatic Approach, Practical Designs, Secure Implementations

Large national telecommunications provider has implemented API governance solution based on API gateway  and was looking to improve on API visibility and ease of integration.

In the initial implementation, API gateway was only configured to authenticate client applications using two-way SSL and to control maximum connection rate, request message size and format.

As more API’s were on-boarded to API gateway, it became clear that better API governance is required.

API portal was created as an answer to growing need for API governance and to provide better documentation and deployment support to developers and partners.

API portal key features:

  • Offers a systematic way of complex payload data type definition & validation
  • Segregates payload organization from service transport protocols
  • Generates dynamic detailed online documentation for easier service discovery
  • Improves budget and timeline aspects of new service development
  • Avoids the nightmare of “spaghetti” web service implementation
  • Reduces the chance for human or system error in production